Terms of Use Agreement
All users who register and buy leads from AutoCorp must agree to the following Terms of Use Agreement before contracting with AutoCorp for the purchase of auto leads. This agreement acts as a contract between AutoCorp and any users of its service.
Limited Right to Use
This Terms of Use Agreement stipulates that all information about auto loans, including bid rates, volume, duration and specific lead information are made available only from AutoCorp to the registered users buying leads from AutoCorp and no other purpose. Users may not share this information with any third parties and can only use said information for the sole purpose of managing their AutoCorp campaigns. Auto loan leads generated by users through AutoCorp's system can be used for the sole purpose of engaging the consumer in an auto-related purchase or loan.
The user agrees by using AutoCorp's website and services to indemnify, defend, and hold AutoCorp and its affiliates harmless from any liability, loss, claim, and expense, including attorney's fees and expenses, related to a user's violation of this agreement or use of AutoCorp's website.
AutoCorp's users agree to use the information provided by AutoCorp's system at face value. All information is based on AutoCorp's best attempts at providing auto loan leads at appropriate market prices; however, users agree that the prices and volumes presented by AutoCorp are 'as is,' with no representations and warranties and cannot be disputed by the user. By registering and buying leads though AutoCorp, the user agrees to accept all lead pricing and volume estimates provided by AutoCorp without challenge.
Forum Selection
This agreement stipulates that any dispute or claim arising against AutoCorp must be brought in Tiburon, California, AutoCorp's primary place of business.

Any cause of action by users of the AutoCorp system must be instituted within 3 months after purchase of any leads or forever be waived and barred. Rejected leads are covered under the Rejecting leads section.

Use of any or all parts of this site are governed by the Terms of Use Agreement.
Services Provided
AutoCorp provides auto loan leads from the wholesale market to dealers directly through a bidding system. Volume and availability of leads are explicitly determined by the areas and bids for which a dealer is interested.
All payments from dealer to AutoCorp must abide by the rules outlined under Billing Thresholds and Payment Options. The customer is required to pay for any applicable sales tax.
Limitation of Liability
AutoCorp will not be liable for the result, whatever that may be, of any auto leads sold to a user. AutoCorp does allow of rejection of leads that a user deems to be false under the rules of the Rejecting leads section, but nothing else.
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