How It Works

AutoCorp's goal is to create an efficient, dynamic and transparent auto lead marketplace where dealers can take advantage of the same tools that lead aggregators use to purchase leads in the wholesale market. To date, auto dealers have been forced to pay a set price for leads in a given zip code radius. They negotiate this price with a lead provider salesperson who’s entire goal is to get the highest price for the largest amount of leads each month. The lead provider then tries to generate leads or buy leads in the wholesale market at the lowest possible price. If the dealer agrees to purchase leads for $20 and the lead aggregator can acquire leads for $18, they make a 10% margin. However, if the lead provider can acquire leads for $5, they make a 75% margin. Or, if they can generate $18 leads in one zip code, but $5 leads in another, their average margin increases substantially.

What most dealers don’t realize is that lead prices vary dramatically, hour by hour, in every zip code. At 10:00AM a lead might sell for $17.41, but at 4:00PM the same day, that same lead in the same zip code might sell for $6.83. With over 200 automotive publishers and lead providers pinging and posting leads to each other in the wholesale marketplace the market is very fluid and prices vary significantly.

To level the playing field and create efficiencies for the true buyers of the leads, AutoCorp has created the first system that allows auto dealers the ability to:

  • Bid on and purchase leads in the wholesale market.
  • Bid ANY price for leads, in any zip code.
  • Utilize a bidding system that automatically lowers bids, to purchase leads at the lowest possible price.
  • See the average price and maximum price leads have sold for in the last 30 days, in each area.
  • Add, delete or change bid prices by zip code.
  • Start, stop or pause campaigns at anytime.

If you’ve ever used Google or eBay, you understand that you can set a maximum bid, but their systems bid only the necessary price to get the click, product or lead. These systems work for THE BIDDER, not the seller or a third party. AutoCorp works similarly, using a bidding algorithm that attempts to bid the lowest possible price to acquire the lead. You may set a maximum price of $20 a lead, but find you are getting leads for $8 on average. When your lead cap or maximum spend is hit, the system stops bidding.

There are no pre-payments required and no salespeople to haggle with. This is a self-service system where you control everything. Buy as many or as few leads as you like each month. There is an automated lead rejection system, real-time reporting on purchased leads, price per lead, daily caps and monthly caps. Leads are delivered in an encrypted email format or you can choose to have them set up for you CRM solution.

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